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Mellow Mango (8 pk)

(13 customer reviews )

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Like hemp, mango contains a naturally occurring terpene, called myrcene. It has a ton of health benefits and helps with stress relief. We’ve combined the two, to bring you the mellowest mango mixture mankind has ever bottled into a beverage.

Total CBD: 5MG Nano Hemp CBD | Feels Like: 25MG
Serving/Bottle: 12oz, (360g)

30 Calories per bottle | 5 grams of sugar per bottle.
Made from Hemp-derived CBD and contains 0% THC.



Feel the difference – Kickback products have a higher body-absorption rate that create a more functional chill. We infused each bottle with 5 mg of Broad Spectrum Nano CBD. Our proprietary extraction method doesn’t use any synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, or harsh chemical solvents. 1 mg of our CBD has the same potency and feel of 5 mg to 10 mg of regular CBD or CBD isolate. Our organic hemp comes from a biodynamic farm that is free of pesticides, providing our products with a natural cannabinoid profile.

Weight96 oz




Anxiety & stress reduction
Promotes a calm mind & body

13 reviews for Mellow Mango (8 pk)

  1. Currently my favorite flavor!

    This is currently my favorite flavor. It’s delicious and I love the way it makes me feel!

  2. Mangoriffic!

    My favorite flavor! It tastes like I just bit into a relaxing mango!

  3. My new favorite drinks!

    Great drinks! Love the taste. Helped with my anxiety during the day! Highly recommend.

  4. Kelley Koerner

    These drinks have been essential in supporting mine and my husband’s mental health. They come in a glass bottle.
    My husband has had a rough week at work and these are amazing at calming his nerves and letting him get through his day.
    Will buy again!

  5. Barney

    Delicious, my favorite CBD brand.

  6. Katharine

    Great lemonade. I was concerned about ordering glass bottles, but they arrived well packaged and just fine. Thank you.

  7. James

    Nice tasting, lower in sugar, and mellows me out 😉

  8. Stephen

    Tremendous both in taste and effect. I could feel the mellowness immediately and the taste is fantastic. I’ve been trying to lay off sugar and this hits the sweet tooth with minimal amounts of sugar. Will keep ordering forever!

  9. Donny : )

    The nano cbd that they use has long lasting effect which i love. I take a bottle with me to work and it helps me to get through a long Monday.

  10. Really Good

    While I have never purchased this product before, while at a friends house today, I had a glass of a friend’s bottle….I am now in love and must try their other cbd products. This was indeed very tasty and not overpowering with a sugary taste. Will definitely be purchasing a couple of bottles.

  11. Yum!

    Loved the taste and the feeling. This goes hand in hand with ice and vodka.

  12. Natalie

    Great taste and quality also the size of the bottle is just right for me, I wish they sold this in Hawaii. Happy to shop from their site since is hard to find anywhere else near me. I love the deals I receive in my box for upcoming purchases.

  13. Rachel

    Super tasty and just arrived in time before the holidays. I got a case of the mango as well as the strawberry lemonade. Love the mango.

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