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Kickback products have a higher body absorption rate that create a more functional chill. We have a proprietary extraction method that doesn’t use any synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, or harsh chemical solvents.

Introducing Our New CBD-Infused Matcha and Tea

Introducing Our New CBD-Infused Matcha and Tea

Rejoice tea drinkers! Feel the benefits of CBD along with your favorite cup of tea this winter.

Kickback is proud to announce a new line of CBD-infused loose-leaf matcha and tea, including Matcha’Cha and Peachy Dreams. Stay energized with our “functional chill” by cozying up with a hot cup of CBD tea. Pour yourself some freshly-brewed tea and kick back with us!

Our New CBD Teas

The CBD Matcha Tea, Matcha’Cha, contains organic, active CBD that is blended into the powder. With origins in Japanese ceremonial culture, this matcha tea has smooth and subtle hints of vegetal taste and tannin. The elevation at which this tea is grown is 500 masl.

Peachy Dreams, our CBD Peach Ginger Tea, also has active, organic CBD infused within its leaves. It has a refreshing, fruity taste and has crisp, full-bodied texture. The origins of this ginger peach black tea are the Nilgiri Mountains in India.

new cbd matcha tea from kickback

High-Quality Ingredients

The plant-based teas are single-origin, meaning that it has a single known geographic origin. Both of our CBD-infused teas and coffees are single-origin, to ensure our highest quality products.

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