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Kickback products have a higher body absorption rate that create a more functional chill. We have a proprietary extraction method that doesn’t use any synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, or harsh chemical solvents.

Gifts for the CBD Lover in your Life

Gifts for the CBD Lover in your Life

With the holidays quickly approaching, everyone is stressed about holiday shopping and what they’re going to get all the people in their lives. Some people are easier to shop for than others, but what do you get someone who loves CBD? It can be even harder to know what to get the CBD lover in your life when you’re unfamiliar with CBD products yourself and know very little about them. However, have no fear! We love anything and everything infused with CBD, and we have tons of ideas for you.


For the Skincare Obsessed

CBD has tons of benefits for your skin, including being ultra moisturizing and anti-inflammatory! For the person constantly splurging on skincare products and always trying to find the next best thing, try gifting them a bottle of CBD moisturizer or lotion. Most CBD-infused skincare products are free of parabens – man-made chemicals linked to negative health effects – and you can even find some infused with other ingredients like green tea for extra skin benefits! Even better, many companies don’t test on animals.


For the Pet Parent

Many people have an unbreakable bond with their pet(s), but often those bonds can translate to separation anxiety for the animal. For someone with an anxiety-ridden pet, or even pets with more serious ailments like seizures, consider putting some CBD pet treats or pet food supplements under the Christmas tree. CBD has been shown to have very positive effects on animals who suffer from these problems, and everyone wants to help their pets as best they can!

For the Hair Experimenter

To help with dry, brittle, damaged hair, consider getting some CBD infused shampoo and/or conditioner! GIve your friend or loved one the gift of bringing their hair back to life while avoiding parabens in the process! You probably know someone who’s always doing something crazy to their hair, like shaving one side one week and dying it yellow the next; even people who don’t do anything too crazy but still regularly style their hair and use heat need some TLC. Many CBD infused hair products offer other ingredients that, when combined, combat hair damage.


For the Coffee Snob

Self-promotion alert! But seriously, Kickback coffee is perfect for anyone really into coffee – especially cold brew! With two flavors to choose from, regular cold brew and cold brew with agave and cashew milk, our CBD infused coffee is perfect for the person who loves caffeine but doesn’t enjoy the jittery feeling that can come with consuming a lot of it. Our coffee is a single origin, organic, shade grown, and lab tested! The combination of CBD and coffee allows the consumer to enjoy what we like to call a chill buzz, you get the positive energizing effects of caffeine while avoiding the jitters and feeling calm simultaneously.