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Kickback products have a higher body absorption rate that create a more functional chill. We have a proprietary extraction method that doesn’t use any synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, or harsh chemical solvents.

Benefits of Consuming CBD Coffee

Benefits of Consuming CBD Coffee

Have Some CBD with your Coffee

Many people have yet to realize the benefits CBD coffee can have on their lives – from alleviating health issues to making you more relaxed, what better way to consume CBD than mixing it in with your coffee? Recent studies have found there could be a positive link between consuming caffeine and CBD – the non-psychoactive component of cannabis – simultaneously, like caffeine protecting against memory loss that could be caused by extremely high doses of cannabidiol (way more than you would find in our brews). Multiple studies done on the mixture of the two claim that CBD coffee can potentially make you more happy and energetic, not to mention fight serious problems like chronic pain and depression. It’s important to understand CBD won’t get you high, you can still function normally while consuming it, you just get to enjoy its benefits, like making you more relaxed and chronic pain relief.


Health Perks

There are countless known benefits of consuming CBD, and coffee has many known benefits as well. From the ability to fight various forms of cancer, to treating depression in women, to lowering suicide rates, CBD and coffee independently offer great health benefits, but together as CBD coffee, they work even stronger to fight against various health problems for a healthier and happier you! Besides the more significant health concerns that can possibly be helped by CBD and caffeine, there a lot of even lesser known benefits. For example, in one study it was found that CBD can curb nicotine addiction! Being able to treat people addicted to smoking cigarettes would also have many indirect benefits, such as decreasing second hand smoke amounts and lung cancer rates. Considering how beneficial this combination is, CBD coffee is just a new and unique way of getting your caffeine and CBD fixes simultaneously without the risks of smoking.

Potential to Treat Serious Illness

Of all the benefits CBD oil offers, some of the most significant are those that have been linked to treating serious illnesses like epilepsy, schizophrenia and other psychological disorders, and anxiety. A British pharmaceutical company has recently gone to phase three trials with an epilepsy medication that is pure CBD; the drug, called Epidiolex, how already shown desirable results when used on patients who have the conditions Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. It has also been shown to increase the efficacy of other types of drugs used to treat epileptic disorders and has been found to be “neuroprotective” which means it can potentially reduce cell damage and keep brain cells healthy. By consuming CBD coffee, you’re able to reap double the health benefits and prevent some potential health issues by doing so.


Measured Doses

A big problem with most edibles is the amount of CBD or THC used in them isn’t regulated or accurately measured – but with Kickback, our CBD coffee ingredients are carefully measured out for a guaranteed 20 milligrams of CBD in each bottle. This is an extremely important differentiator between Kickback and other edibles and coffees; while CBD is not psychoactive, having too much of it can have some mild side effects which would be counterintuitive to our coffees purpose – to make you feel relaxed and able to kickback!