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5 Reasons You Should Take CBD Everyday

5 Reasons You Should Take CBD Everyday

Many people are apprehensive to try CBD, let alone make it a regular part of their diet. But did you know besides containing a range of benefits, CBD can actually be good to consume on a daily basis? Because THC is the component of cannabis that gets you high, you can regularly enjoy consuming CBD and reap its benefits without worrying about being high or impaired in any way. So why should you consider taking CBD on a daily basis?


1. Say Bye to Anxiety

While marijuana is often linked to causing or worsening anxiety, it usually when individuals smoke strains that are high in THC. These strains tend to raise your heartrate, among other things, which leads to you feeling anxious. Reports of feeling anxious are significantly lower when the strain of cannabis being consumed is higher in CBD. This is because CBD is actually proven to counteract anxiety and the components of THC that cause it, as well as reducing anxiety caused by factors unrelated to consuming cannabis.

2. Reduce Your Blood Sugar

Studies going back to 2013 have shown that CBD can help you control your weight by regulating blood sugar levels in the body. In these studies, it was found that despite the rep consuming cannabis has for giving you the “munchies”, regular consumers were far less likely to develop diabetes as they got older. CBD is also linked to those who regularly consume it having smaller waistlines than those who don’t.

3. Lower Risk of Cancer

The cannabinoids found in marijuana are known to activate receptors throughout our body which produce a variety of positive effects – of which allows the central nervous system and immune system to produce many pharmacological effects. This means that the body becomes stronger and more able to fight of illness, a big deal with cancer which is caused by cells mutating. CBD is also being used to reduce the size of cancerous tumors, and to combat the negative effects of treatment like chemo.

4. CBD Won’t Get You High

There are two main components of cannabis: CBD and THC. Of these two components, only THC is psychoactive – aka what gets you high. A lot of people avoid using anything related to cannabis, like CBD infused products, because they are concerned it will affect them and get them high. This means CBD can be used for its medicinal purpose and can be consumed by people who do not wish to be high, but want to benefit from everything CBD has to offer.

5. Reduce Chronic Pain and Inflammation

By activating the endocannabinoid system, CBD reduces chronic pain and inflammation; many diseases often come with these symptoms, and CBD works against them to help you feel better. By reducing the pain suffered when affected by these ailments, it makes it easier to go about life normally and keep strength up, which is extremely important for fighting off illness and getting healthy.