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3 Health Benefits Of Drinking Cold Brew Coffee

3 Health Benefits Of Drinking Cold Brew Coffee

A lot of attention has been given to cold brew coffee as it hits every grocery store’s shelves in 2018. A few years ago, cold brew coffee was far from being a household staple, but now many Americans are considering the alternative to the typical coffee roasts and K-Cups in the morning.

While many coffee drinkers consider cold brew coffee to be simply an alternative due to the brewing process, there’s also an important distinction in regards to the health properties of cold brew coffee. In fact, the health benefits could be the sole reason why some people switch over to the trendy beverage.

While caffeine tends to be in cold brew coffee, people of all body types and lifestyle activities will be able to find health benefits applicable to them by drinking cold brew. No matter the brand, as long as the sugar content isn’t too high for your diet, cold brew coffee can be integrated into a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 5 health benefits of drinking cold brew coffee:


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Cold Brew Coffee Has Less Caffeine

Many adults rely on caffeine to get them through the day– hence why they drink coffee in the first place to start their mornings. Most people understand that too much caffeine is bad for them, just like sugar. However, most people probably don’t understand why excessive caffeine can be harmful to human health.

One of the biggest detriments to excessive caffeine consumption is directly related to hypertension or high blood pressure. Hypertension is the leading cause of death in the United States, and recent studies have shown that excessive caffeine increases overall mortality risk by 21%. This should be alarming to some, but it is unclear how much caffeine is too much.

Cold Brew Coffee, especially in the CBD-infused cold brew coffee, KickBack Cold Brew, is lower (under 100 grams) than typically brewed coffee. While caffeine is safe to have in moderation, most physicians recommend minimizing caffeine intake is better for overall health.

Thus, cold brew coffee is healthier than regular coffee in this regard.

More Antioxidants In Cold Brew Coffee

Antioxidants are still very popular in American grocery stores with many natural and organic products touting their antioxidant content. Little do many people know, cold brew coffee can also be a good source of antioxidants, especially if it is a part of a daily diet.

A fun fact is that hot brewed and cold brewed coffee both have antioxidants inherently, but the hot brewing process removes some of the antioxidants from regular coffee. Since cold brew is steeped and the temperature doesn’t rise in the process, a higher ratio of antioxidants is maintained.

Chlorogenic acid, more specifically, is the powerful antioxidant that remains in cold brew coffee that people should be raving about. It is known to reduce blood pressure and thus counter the aforementioned effects of excessive caffeine that leads to hypertension.

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Less Acidity In Cold Brew Coffee

High acidity food and beverages shouldn’t be excessively consumed since high stomach acid isn’t good for digestion. Alkaline diets have been trending recently, so if you prescribe to a low-acidic diet and like to drink coffee, beware that hot brewed coffee has high acid content.

Cold brew coffee has been known to have 67% less acid overall as compared to hot brewed coffee, which is a significant difference. This is due to the low extraction temperature that cold brew coffee utilizes, and conversely hot brewed coffee promotes the extraction of acidic substances.

Chlorogenic acid, while technically being an acid, is still good for your health and shouldn’t be avoided just because it isn’t completely alkaline.

Ultimately, cold brew coffee can be considered a healthier alternative to hot brewed coffee. While some people may prefer the flavor and warm feeling of coffee, health-conscious individuals can compromise on cold brew coffee.

KickBack cold brew offers CBD-infused cold brew coffee as well that includes 20mg of CBD per bottle. Check out this blog post to find even more benefits of drinking CBD cold brewed coffee.