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Kickback products have a higher body absorption rate that create a more functional chill. We have a proprietary extraction method that doesn’t use any synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, or harsh chemical solvents.

The Lowdown on CBD Cold Brew Tea

The Lowdown on CBD Cold Brew Tea

We’re so excited to introduce three new flavors to our all-star lineup of Kickback Cold Brew drinks, including Matcha’cha, Just Peachy, and Coffee Date. Not to steal the spotlight from O.G. and Golden Cashew, but the new additions pack some punch! We incorporated the health benefits of CBD and cold brew tea to create a few tasty drinks you can kick back with.

The Breakdown

Like our cold brew coffees, the cold brew teas contain water-soluble CBD (cannabinoid extract) which is extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp contains high levels of CBD and very low levels of THC, making it the ideal plant to extract medicinally beneficial CBD from. In case you’re new to CBD, I’ll say again that it does not get you ‘high’. Rather, it has a calming effect that works with the caffeine in our products to create what we like to call a ‘functional chill’. Our cold brew teas naturally have less caffeine than our coffees products, if you’re looking to chill to the max.

At 20mg of CBD in each Kickback bottle, one serving is enough to make you feel relaxed and relieve anxiety, without getting sleepy. In higher doses CBD is known for a multitude of health benefits, aiding people dealing with seizures and pain or inflammation. Research is being done on the effects of CBD on cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and asthma.

If you more questions about our ingredients or health benefits, check out our FAQ page.


The Flavor

Cold brewing tea is an effective way of making the flavor smoother, eliminating the sometimes bitter or astringent taste that accompanies hot brewed tea. Cold water extracts flavor slowly without altering the original flavor as much as hot water, which causes chemical reactions while cooking tea.

Just Peachy Brewed with peach and ginger tea leaves from India’s mountainous Nilgiri Region, sweetened with organic honey. Ginger tea contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, and is shown to improve digestion and relieve nausea.

Matcha’cha Ceremonial Japanese Matcha blended with organic almond milk and monk fruit. Matcha Green Tea has its own amazing health benefits, including powerful antioxidants called cachetins which boost metabolism and have even been shown to contain cancer-fighting properties.


The Kickback

The motto we stand by is ‘functional chill’, which means keeping up positive, happy vibes while being productive in a busy lifestyle. In a world that can be fast-paced and stressful, it’s important to stay balanced and take care of yourself. That’s why we created Kickback, to help active people like you tackle the day feeling energized AND relaxed. Trust me, the two can go hand-in-hand! We equate it to waking up from a full night’s sleep, stress-free and ready to go.

Our Kickback drinks are great in the morning to get your work day started, or on the weekend when you want to chill and have fun. Combining CBD with caffeine eliminates any anxiety or jitters that many people are sensitive to, boosting energy while actually alleviating stress.

As always, our products are vegan, gluten-free, and environmentally-friendly. We use 100% single origin and shade-grown coffee beans, organic ingredients, and the highest quality hemp available.

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