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CBD Coffee Is the Wellness World’s New Favorite Drink

CBD Coffee Is the Wellness World’s New Favorite Drink

Lifestyle influencers and the wellness community are raving over CBD coffee, and we, here at Kickback, know precisely why. The hemp benefits of CBD coffee are exactly what coffee lovers and those in the wellness world are looking for – hemp-infused beverages that combine all the things we enjoy about caffeine with the natural effects of hemp-CBD. It’s the best combination since peanut butter and jelly. 

Benefits of CBD Coffee 

Before discussing the reasons why CBD coffee is the wellness world’s new favorite drink, let’s break down its ingredients. CBD coffee uses two specific ingredients coffee beans and CBD. Yup, it’s that simple. If you’re searching for a good brand, look for a CBD coffee that uses natural Arabica beans and organic hemp-derived Nano CBD, such as the OG Cali Daze

Those new to the cannabinoid world, remember CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound derived from hemp or cannabis. CBD will not give you a mental “high,” unlike the compound THC. Instead, it promotes relaxation. So, no worries of feeling like your uncontrollably walking on the moon after a cup of coffee. It’s more like a day of kicking back and relaxing at the beach. 😉

Reasons to Try CBD Coffee 

1. Focus Without The Jitters 

According to the Journal of Nutrition, a study displayed caffeine helping with cognitive functions, verbal memory, and attention. As a brain stimulant, caffeine alone helps a person remain focused. 

However, it’s documented many people come in contact with jitters when intaking caffeine, due to it also working as a natural stimulant for the nervous system. CBD coffee helps to decrease fluctuations through hemp-benefits, promoting relaxation of the body and mind. As a neuroprotective property, CBD eases the jitters that may come along with a large caffein intake, thus helping you to remain focus on your goal. 

2. Boost of Energy – Tackle Workouts and Work 

Brain stimulation coincides with body movement, making caffeine a great energy booster to physically tackle work and exercise. CBD coffee is perfect in that the hemp-infused caffeine will not only increase energy levels, but it will keep your body relaxed during the process. Take a cup of coffee before hitting the gym or starting your shift and experience the fantastic hemp benefits. 

3. Afterwork Pick-Me-Up 

No need to get home and crash. CBD coffee will keep your body at ease, balancing your caffeine intake so you never feel like you’ve dropped from a rollercoaster ride. Grab another glass of CBD coffee after working out or leaving your job, then hit the streets for an anxiety-free night of fun.  

4. It Makes You Happy 

From the taste to the increase of energy, caffeine works as a natural mood enhancer, just as CBD does. Hemp-infused CBD beverages help to bring a peaceful bliss to your hectic lives. A cup a day will protectively let you focus on your goals without thinking of the stresses of the world. If your CBD coffee uses water-soluble CBD like the Cali Rise, then your up for a tasty drink. Water-soluble CBD blends well with any substance, making your morning coffee recipes one to enjoy. 

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