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Athletes Join Forces with CBD and Hemp Industry | Sports Nutrition

Athletes Join Forces with CBD and Hemp Industry | Sports Nutrition

The legalization of CBD and Hemp throughout individual states within the US has provided new partnership opportunities between athletes and manufacturers. Up and coming cannabidiol companies understand there is room for endorsements as more athletes vocalize hemp benefits in regards to their physical well-being. The investments for CBD sports advertisements will scale significantly in 2020 when cannabis state laws pass. 

All of this said, athletes teaming up with CBD and hemp brands are making headlines, and we LOVE IT! It’s about time we welcome in the new wave of natural medicine and healing. 

Why Athletes are advocating for CBD and Hemp Products

If you haven’t read our previous Kickback blog 7 Ways Cbd Water Will Improve Your Fitness Routine, then you should give it a look to learn more about CBD effects and hemp benefits. A short recap of the blog, hemp works to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Relax muscles
  • Decrease stress
  • Promote sleep
  • Improve focus

Along with the benefits above, CBD oil serves as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. Athletes tend to steer away from western medicine due to side effects disrupting their act. CBD oil is not known to negatively affect their work but instead enhance their performance by relieving mild to moderate pain before and after a sporting event. Hemp infused products also uplift moods and is a means to decrease the anxiety that comes with being a professional athlete. 

If you are active yourself or are just looking for a natural alternative to one of the issues listed above, check out Kickback’s vegan hemp-infused beverages that you can drink daily. The CBD beverage lines include CBD coffee, which gives you all the necessary energy needed to tackle a workout, without pesty jitters. 

Athletes who endorse CBD and Hemp Brands 

Prominent athletes are speaking on hemp benefits and why they believe all sports organizations should allow recreational and medical use. Although some agencies have taken action, such as Major League Baseball, no longer viewing CBD oil and THC as an “abuse drug,” there is still a stigma surrounding CBD supplements. 

FIFA’s 2019 Women’s World Player of the Year, Megan Rapinoe has recently been vocal about CBD oil and cannabis. Megan has even partnered with her twin sister Rachel Rapinoe in producing a hemp-derived CBD line called Mendi. Some of Mendi’s products include CBD gummies and CBD gel caps. 

Megan recently spoke on not trying to disrupt the nutrition market but rather the pain management industry. She aims to “educate and empower athletes to take care of their bodies.” Rapinoe has mentioned using CBD as a “healthier, more natural option for pain management, sleep aid, and relaxation.”  

Other talented athletes who’ve spoken on their use of CBD and Hemp are:

  • Former boxer Mike Tyson who’s launched his own company Tyson Holistic Holdings (THH) that oversees a marijuana strain company, Tyson Ranch. His marijuana farm “Cannabis Resorts” is in the making. 
  • Brady Bell created Pure Spectrum, a CBD company advocating for athletes, military members, and employees who are likely to lose their job if detected using THC for pain management. 
  • Football Player Derrick Morgan uses CBD to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • UFC fighter Chris Camozzi who used CBD to treat a knee injury. 
  • Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr talks about hemp benefits in regards to chronic pain. 
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Nate Diaz, who has gone on television reporting his approval of CBD oil as an anti-inflammatory, promoting healing after fights. 

The list goes on! Athletes are fully aware of hemp benefits and the positive effects it has on their physical, plus mental wellness. We hope the continuation of endorsements influences people of the law to understand the CBD industry is not just a market for sales but a gateway for natural healing. 

If you’re living in a state where cannabidiol is legal, then you absolutely should partake in the pleasure of Kickback’s hemp-infused beverages. These CBD beverages, including our exclusive CBD coffee, supplies you with a functional chill that is unmatched. So, Kickback and enjoy productive, stress-free days with one of our CBD beverages.