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4 CBD Trends We’re Predicting for 2020

4 CBD Trends We’re Predicting for 2020

Phew, we are finally approaching the end of 2019! We’re celebrating this wonderful yet hectic year by reflecting on how far CBD products have come since they’ve first surfaced.

A little hempistory…

CBD tinctures were one of the first CBD products to gain popularity in the health and wellness industry as an alternative to western medicine. Then, CBD capsules and CBD topicals joined the playing field to provide relief for muscle tension and to reduce inflammation. 

Although these products are still prevalent, ingesting hemp under the tongue or taking CBD capsules is not the most favorable method amongst consumers. Now more than ever, consumers are praising CBD beverages since a variety of unique hemp-based products are popping up on the market. Most hemp drinks get lost in the already saturated CBD industry due to artificial ingredients, but limited brands like Kickback (of course!) creating all-natural CBD beverages are LOVED by millions. 

Aside from the latest craze of all-natural CBD drinks, we know that the hemp industry is going to continue to grow with innovative creations. The recent invention of CBD bath bombs and CBD desserts are just a few of the new trends paving their way to success. These cool items have sent social media into a frenzy and we can’t deny we’ve been frantically hitting the like button. 

We’re excited to see which new CBD products will make headlines in 2020, which is why we have our predictions of trends we believe will find success.

4 CBD Trends We’re Predicting for 2020


CBD infused Activewear

CBD products have made their way into the health and fitness sphere and are extremely popular among athletes and health professionals. Although CBD is used as a post-workout treatment, we see a future for hemp-infused activewear that promotes healing during workouts for everyday people.

CBD Pillows

CBD is commonly used as a treatment for insomnia and stress relief. Here at Kickback, we understand that sleep is one of the most important things we need to function daily or else we’d be walking around like zombies. We predict that CBD pillows will become a popular way to transform sleepless nights into a deeper, more restful sleep for users.

CBD Beauty Products

There are several beauty products out there that incorporate CBD into their skincare and makeup products, such as mascara or sleeping masks. According to Forbes, CBD is confirmed as a rich source of vitamin D and can help with anti-inflammation. 

Not only do we see more CBD beauty products being created in the future, we see more beauty brands reverting to vegan, CBD-infused makeup. Brands that stress clean beauty can definitely benefit from using natural ingredients like organic hemp. 

Functional Hemp Infused Drinks

As we said earlier, ingesting CBD by putting a couple of drops under your tongue or taking capsules is not every user’s favorite method. While tinctures and capsules are resourceful medicine alternatives, some users want to have fun, tasteful experiences using CBD. That’s why we created a line of hemp-infused tea, hemp-infused coffee, and hemp-infused lemonade to provide an enjoyable experience. 

Cheers to the New Year

A new decade is beginning, we see CBD becoming the trendiest topic of the 2020s. Prepare for the upcoming years by purchasing our hemp-infused products and staying up to date!